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Return Policy


Full refund if you don’t receive your items

You will get a full refund or a replacement if your order does not arrive within 14 days after shipping. Contact customer service is this happens.


Want to cancel your order?

If your order has not been shipped, contact us immediately via Online Chat or Email for a full refund or replacement. Ful refund attracts 2.50% charge of total sum.

Can I cancel pre-order product?

Yes/No: No if the product has been purchased already and yes if it haven't been purchased on your behalf. Contact our support.

How to deal with defective items?

If you think you received a defective item , please send us an email to support@kulimart.com provide photos and video proof of the defective product. If after investigation and it's proved defective, we will follow this rule below:

* Within 7 working days after you received the item

If your products purchased from Kulimart turn out to be defective (excluding physical damages and damages caused by incorrect usage) within 7 working days after you received the product, you may return the product to be fixed or for replacement depending on the nature of the issue (product must be in neat and in complete set). You will have an option to choose another product with same price tag or go for higher product when you complete the payment.


* After 7 working days you received the item

If the item becomes defective after 7 working days from delivery, the customer will still be allowed to send the product back to us. We will help forward the product to the manufacturer for repair. The buyer cover the send back shipping cost and any cost incurred during the process of repair. If the item is un-repairable after being checked by manufacturer, kulimart will send it back to the customer.

We only replace phone with hardware issues, software related issues will be fixed by our engineers and send back to the customer. The customer pays the shipping cost.

What defective items we accept?

We only accept mobile phone defective itself , the phone accessories i.e: battery , data cable , charger and so on are not been included in the warranty.

Exchange & Return item(s) Policy:

(1). If there are any unavoidable problems of product due to our fault within 10 days of order delivered will be eligible for a replacement.

(2). You may return your item within 180 days of order delivered because of quality problems, then we will repair the product Free of charge and you will pay the shipping costs. If it's after 180 days, you need to take the whole charges.


How to return a defective item?

If your product have been proved defective , we will supply you a RMA form ( Return Merchandise Authorization ) . The customer pays shipping cost to us.

How long can I receive a replacement?

After inspecting your returned product and we found out that the problem isn't from you, we will issue a replacement within four(4) business days of receiving your item.

 Note: No refund of money after payment.


Missing Item (Items missed completely or partially from an order)?

Kulimart will ship the missing item to the customer once it's confimred.

If the item is just out of stock, a refund of the missing item’s price will be issued.

Customer should contact Kulimart Customer service within 48 hours from delivery date.

Received a wrong item?

If the item you received is completely different from the one you ordered, please contact our customer service with photos or videos of the different product. If a return is necessary. replacement plus shipping cost will be issued to you on receiving the returned product. Or if you decide to take it , we will offer a 10% discount for buying the product.